The Science of Cold Pressed Treats: Why Fullr Stands Out

    A bowl of dog food.  Chicken, eggs, apple and peas are layed beside the food bowl.

    In pet treats, there's a buzz around a new, innovative approach changing the game—cold-pressed treats. At Fullr, we've taken this science to heart and created something truly extraordinary for our beloved pets.


    Cold Pressing: A Nutrient-Preserving Marvel

     The cold-pressed pet treat-making process doesn't involve high temperatures or excessive cooking. Unlike traditional dog and cat treat manufacturing methods that can zap nutrients, cold pressing applies gentle pressure to bind ingredients together. This low-temperature technique keeps the natural goodness of the ingredients intact. Hence, these are counted among the best healthy dog treats.


    These premium pet treats release essential nutrients slowly, thus preventing bloating. It also protects the stomach and intestinal tracts and is especially beneficial for the furry cuties with sensitive stomachs. 


    Why Cold-Pressed Treats are Pawsitively Cool?

     Because It Is Gentle on Their Tummies

    They retain a high nutritional value since they are made by using very low temperatures. These protein-rich treats are suitable for fur babies of all ages and sizes. The process reduces bacteria levels in food, making it perfect for fur babies with sensitive tummies.


    Because They Don’t Require Special Storage

    You can store them in your kitchen cabinet at room temperature. These tasty pet treats are usually manufactured in small batches and reach you in under 1-2 months. So they are fresh and delicious.


    Because They Improve Skin and Coat Conditions

    Since these economical pet snacks are manufactured in low temperatures, they retain comparatively higher levels of natural omega and essential oils. Hence, they keep their skin barrier hydrated, in turn keeping their coats softer, healthier, and more glossy. That means less irritation and scratching.


    Fullr's Cold Pressed Promise

     Our mission at Fullr is to redefine pet treat excellence. We've harnessed the science of cold pressing to create treats for pets that not only tantalize their taste buds but also provide essential nutrients for overall health and happiness. Every nibble is a step towards your furry friend's vibrant and joyful life.


    Fullr stands out in combining science and passion for crafting one of the best dog treats for training, or fun-time together that go beyond mere flavour. They mirror our commitment to your pet's well-being and the harmonious balance of taste and health.

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