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    A golden retriever sitting in a hall with a family of three at the back.

    Our Story

    At Fullr, we're fueled by a profound belief: every pet deserves a life filled with health and happiness. To make this a reality, we carefully source natural ingredients to craft wholesome, nutritious treats for pets of all ages and breeds. We transform nature's gifts into fun-filled moments of indulgence, all while ensuring there's no room for fillers. Welcome to Fullr, where love, health, and joy come together, making every pet's life a bit fullr with Full on Nutrition!

    • Growel manufacturing unit.

      Fullr is a brand owned by Growel Feeds Pvt. Ltd. which specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality aquatic & animal feeds. Growel Feeds is part of the Growel Group, a prominent player in India's aquaculture-feeds, formulation, and seafood processing industry since 1994.

      Currently, Growel is present in 173 districts spanning over 26 states of India and it also exports to 20 different countries. 

      Growel’s commitment to quality, innovation and service has been attributed as the main reason for its success. With its talented workforce backed up by reputed scientists, Growel continuously strives for excellence in feed production and manufacturing.


    Caring for & delighting pets with all-natural, scientifically formulated treats, backed by veterinarians, through innovative recipes and uncompromising quality, all while upholding uncompromising safety and quality standards.

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      Health & Nutrition

      At Fullr, we prioritize every pet's Health & Nutrition. Our treats are crafted using the finest, all-natural ingredients and veterinarian-backed formulae, ensuring to provide the essential nutrients your pet needs for a healthy and thriving life.

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      Nutritional Excellence

      We are dedicated to creating treats that go beyond taste, focusing on delivering nutritional value that supports pets' well-being. Our treats are thoughtfully crafted to provide functional benefits that enhance pets' health.

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      Fullr Life

      Our ultimate aim is to enhance the lives of pets, helping them live fuller, happier lives. Through our treats, we provide moments of joy, love, and health, enriching the bond between pets and their owners. Fullr is not just about treats; it's about nurturing a fuller life for your beloved companions.