General FAQs

    How to introduce Fullr to my pet?

    Fullr is meant to be a healthy snacking option for dogs and cats with Functional benefit. Start with introducing the Fullr variant to your pet & basis his/her response, you can increase the treats being given.

    However, we recommend to not exceed the daily quantity as mentioned in the "Feeding Guide" at the back of the pack.

    Are Fullr Treats suitable for young puppies/kittens and senior pets?

    Fullr Treats are crafted for any pet older than 3 months. For more guidance, we recommend consulting your veterinarian.

    Can I feed my pet Fullr treats and food at the same time?

    You can continue with your pets' existing diet without any conflict with Fullr Treats. However, please check in case of any allergens before feeding Fullr Treats.

    Fullr Treats are meant to be fed as treats and not as a complete diet. We recommend Fullr treats to not exceed 10% of daily food intake, in accordance with AAFCO guidelines.

    How many Fullr treats can I give my pet in a day?

    The quantity depends on your pets' size and weight. For more information please refer to the "Feeding Guide" on the back of the pack.

    Can I feed Fullr treats as food to my pet?

    Fullr Treats complement your pets' diet and is not a complete meal for the pet. It is not a substitute for food and must not exceed 10% of their total daily calorie intake, in accordance with AAFCO guidelines.

    However, Fullr treats have functional benefits like Calming Treats for anxious dogs, Digestive care Treats, Treats with a boost of Immunity and Omega 3, Omega 6 to benefit the Skin & Coat & hence can be suplemented with your pets' existing meals.

    Why should I give water to my pet after each treat?

    Since treats are dry biscuits with less than 10% moisture, it is advisable to give access to fresh drinking water to your pets always. This allows them to keep themselves hydrated.

    Are Fullr products safe to use with other prescription medications?

    Fullr Treats are generally safe for use with other prescription medications.

    If your pet currently on prescription medications or has specific medical conditions we strongly recommend consulting with your veterinarian before introducing any new treats or supplements into your pets' diet.

    Are Fullr treats safe for pregnant dogs and cats?

    Pregnant dogs and cats require specific nutrition and diet. It's essential to consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new treats or dietary changes during pregnancy to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for both mother and her offspring.

    Can different flavours of Fullr be fed at a time?

    You can feed different flavors of Fullr treats to your pet at the same time. Mixing flavors can keep your pets' taste buds excited. It is important to ensure that any treats given do not exceed, in total, 10% of their daily food intake. Additionally, if your pets' has any specific dietary restrictions or allergies, make sure the flavors you choose are suitable for them.

    How do I know which Fullr treats are suitable for my pet?

    Each Fullr Treat has been formulated to deliver the right kind of functional benefit without compromising on the taste.

    To select the right Fullr treat for your pet, consider their specific needs.

    To explore the full range of Fullr dog treats, visit www.fullrpets.com/pages/dog-treats

    To explore the full range of Fullr cat treats, visit www.fullrpets.com/pages/cat-treats

    If I change from one Fullr treats variant to another variant, do I have to follow a transition period?

    Fullr treats have been designed keeping in mind the possible swapping between variants. Most of the ingredients hence are kept constant to minimise any discomfort to the pet. However it is advised to follow a gradual transition when switching from one treat variant to another.

    What happens if my pet accidentally eats more than the recommended amount of treats?

    If your pet accidentally consumes more treats than recommended, stay calm and observe for any adverse reactions like upset stomach. Offer fresh water, adjust regular meals if needed, and promptly consult a veterinarian if unusual behavior persists. Maintaining treat moderation is vital for your pets' overall health.

    Product FAQs

    What are the primary nutrients in Fullr treats?

    All Fullr products are crafted for specific functionality & have health benefits for pets.

    For more details please refer to the product page mentioned here.


    Are Fullr products tested?

    All Fullr products are extensively tested and pass through multiple trials to ensure they are safe for consumption by your pets'.

    Are Fullr Treats safe for pets with allergies?

    Every pet and their medical conditions are unique. Check for the product ingredient list on the back of the packet if your pet is allergic to any specific ingredient or consult your veterinarian.

    Do Fullr products contain protein?

    Fullr treats are made with ingredients which are rich source of protein. See/refer to the product label for accurate protein content.

    How many treats does a packet contain?

    Please refer to the "Net Quantity" displayed on the front & back of the product package.

    What does gently cooked mean?

    At Fullr, we believe in providing the maximum nutrition to your pets' through healthy treats, hence we follow "Gently Cooked" process where the cooking temperature is set to kill/remove the bacteria in the raw ingredients and preserves the nutritional benefits.

    All Fullr treats are gently cooked to preserve the nutritional values of the ingredients.

    What do you mean by cold pressed?

    Fullr preserves the original nutritional levels of all the ingredients using cold pressed technique where all the ingredients are mixed and pressed at low temperatures.

    This method preserves the original nutritional levels, taste, and flavor of the ingredients. Cold pressed treats from Fullr are easy to digest, making them a wholesome and palatable choice for pets.

    Delivery FAQs

    Where can we buy Fullr treats?

    Fullr is present in all major pet stores across India. In addition, you can also find Fullr products on www.fullrpets.com.
    We are also expanding to other stores, e-commerce platforms continously.

    What are the shipping charges per order?

    Shipping charges are determined by the delivery location and the quantity of your order. Please note that they may vary based on ongoing offers and promotions.

    How long does it take to deliver my order?

    Upon placing the order, it will take 2-3 business days to dispatch, and ship the order.

    Delivery will depend on the delivery location.

    I received a damaged product, can I get a replacement/refund?

    We take extensive care to provide the best product for your pet. However if you received a tampered or damaged product, please reach out to us at petcare@growelfeeds.com.
    We will be happy to replace/refund the product after verification.